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Joining Forces for the Caatinga: BlueSky and the Visionary ‘Theory of Change’ Workshop with Dr. Silvio Marchini

February 27, 2024

From February 20th to 22nd, the reforestation company BlueSky held a transformative event that promises to be a milestone in environmental conservation and community engagement. The “Theory of Change” workshop, led by the renowned Researcher Dr. Silvio Marchini, a member of the IUCN’s specialist group on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence, brought together local community representatives and community leaders from various sectors for a noble mission: to improve and mitigate potential impacts of the reforestation project and the reintroduction of the Spix’s macaw in conservation units. 

For BlueSky’s director, Ugo Vercillo, the workshop was more than an event; it was a commitment to transparency and popular participation. “Even though reforestation is something fundamental and important, it must be developed in a clear and participatory manner. This is one of our principles, and for that reason, the participation of the people and the hiring of an expert with international experience were essential to mediate the workshop,” Vercillo highlighted. 


Carlos Eduardo, Director of Environment of the municipality of Curaçá and participant of the workshop, reinforced the importance of the initiative: “The idea of the workshop is great and unites various opinions in the debate during the three days. It’s an example of how collaboration can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions.” The unique perspective was also shared by Leidiana, secretary of the Associação do Bangue, who expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm: “I felt honored by the invitation. It was my first time in a workshop like this, meeting new people and interacting with important and beneficial subjects.” 

Dr. Silvio Marchini reflected on the challenge and reward of orchestrating such a diversity of thoughts and concerns: “It’s always challenging to unite diverse opinions and complex problems. But this is the way to collectively build a plan. Curaçá has marked the engagement and empowerment, which legitimizes the collective construction of the Plan.” 

Ernesto Machado, Project Manager at BlueSky, stated that the opportunity was great and will be a fundamental and guiding piece for the company’s new steps towards harmony between community and environment. This workshop not only established a productive dialogue but also paved the way for a future where coexistence between humans and nature is not only possible but also thriving. BlueSky, together with all participants, reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and social inclusion, proving that when we join forces, the sky is the limit. 



The “Theory of Change” workshop is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards greater harmony between humans and the environment. BlueSky and its partners are excited about future possibilities and committed to concrete actions that will result in lasting benefits for conservation units, reintroduced specie, such as the Spix’s macaw, and of course, the local communities who are fundamental in this process. 


This event serves as a powerful reminder that, by working together, we can face the most complex challenges and transform the way we interact with our planet. BlueSky thanks all participants, especially Dr. Silvio Marchini, for his leadership and expertise, and the local communities, for their openness and engagement. Together, we are building a greener and fairer future for all.