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The Blue Sky

About Us

We are a team of scienties, project managers, and entrepenuers driven to protect our ecosystems.  We are comitted to making sure our projects succeed and biomes and their biodiversity are restored.

Our team is based both in the field and in the office making sure our projects achieve the highest standards, or better said: we do right by nature and the local communities.


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Our Story


Blue Sky started activities in early 2022 after witnessing the release of the once extinct in the wild Spix´s Macaw. While the release of the Spix´s Macaws has been a success, we realized back then that their long-term survival and of the many other species of the caatinga resides in the restoration of their habitat. Thus, Blue Sky started its operations with the goal of bringing back the biome and enhancing the livelihoods of the local communities.

Our Work

Our emphasis lies on implementing restoration and agroforestry initiatives to bring back the biome. Through the restoration of the land, essential ecosystem services, such as the protection of species and enhancement of hydrological patterns, follow. Our approach is grounded in scientific principles and aligned with the needs of nature, as we collaboratively design actions and plans in partnership with landowners.

Our Mission


We aim to do right by nature and people.

Our Team

Ugo Vercillo

Director Brazil

Leads Brazilian operations and overall project development. Ugo brings over 15 years of work experience in Brazilian ministries leading policies and projects in wildlife trade, focusing on threatened and invasive species. In his prevous work, he was a delegate to numerous international conventions, including CITES, CBD, and IWC.

Ernesto Machado

Project Manager - Caatinga

Ernesto is our on-site project manager leading our restoration and stakeholder activities on the ground. He brings over 18 years of experience mitigating and restoring habitats in the Caatinga and other Brazilian biomes.

Paulina Guerrero-Schwierz

Technical Lead- Berlin

Paulina leads our certification process and global activities related to technical analysis and assessments. Her expertise lies in ecosystem service mapping and brings experience from the academia and corporate worlds.

Ilana Ramalho

Legal Advisor Brazil

Ilana leads our legal operations in Brazil. She has more than 12 years of work experience mostly focused on contracts, mediation and mass litigation.

Victor Flores

Corporate Communication Manager Brazil

Leads the communication strategy. The writer and environmentalist also worked as director of environmental projects in the municipal public service, developing strategies for restoration projects in the Caatinga. He has over 8 years of experience in socio-environmental communication.

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